Last Day for Kickstarter

Good Morning world!  Well, today is the lest day my kickstarter project will be taking donations.

I want to thank everyone that has donated thus far.  Your generosity is inspiring.

We have raised 75% of the funds needed, and every little bit helps.  Please share with friends, or maybe even a stranger!  Thank You!

**Coming soon!**

I will be featuring an image on the blog and talking about it in some future posts.  I will be talking about the process of capturing the image and a little bit about the edit and the printing.  In addition I will be discussing the meaning and representations contained within each image.

Sicily & Art pt. II [Kickstarter]

"Into the Earth" 24"x36" || "The Leaf" 24"x36"

“Into the Earth” 24″x36″ || “The Leaf” 24″x36″

The show in Italy is getting closer and closer every day, and the excitement, stress and workload goes up and up! But these are all great things.  I think I love working on big projects with deadlines that are way too tight.

So, where am I at?

Well, most of the pieces have been chosen for the show, and come from all over the place, from Hawaii to Washington state to Colorado to Kentucky.  I have also been hard at work on the layout of the gallery and where everything will be displayed, and how it will be presented.  So a lot of work!

The best news is I am working with a new printer!  They do amazing work, using the best printing available, they will also be helping with all the finishing of the work.  All the photographs will be printed using the legendary Lighjet printer, and all the pieces will be matted and framed for a classical yet contemporary look (fitting considering photography is a contemporary medium!).  I love to print BIG, so expect more of that for this show!

Now comes the cry for help, I have a Kickstarter project up, and would be eternally grateful for anything you can donate.  The reality is that putting on a show internationally for a young artist is crazy expensive, and every dollar goes a long way!  Ok, I’m done begging…..for now, thanks for hanging in there.

More to come!!

"Abyss #1" 24"x36" || "Abyss #2" 24"x36"

“Abyss #1″ 24″x36” || “Abyss #2″ 24″x36”


Well, according to my iPhone, it is -6° outside, and it’s the middle of the week.  Sounds like a good time to light up the fireplace, and get some work done.

Happy Hump Day!


Sicily & Art

As you might have figured out from the title, this post is about art in Sicily, Italy.  More to the point, it is about my art in Italy.  I am super excited for my first show internationally, and I can not think of a better place than Italy.  I am also very happy to be showing with the person who is responsible for my life in art, and my mentor, Catherine Carilli, a wonderful contemporary painter.

The gallery we will be showing at is Spaziotrenta (Spazio 30), located in the heart of Ortigia, in Syracuse Sicily.  It is a beautiful space (and quite large, yikes!), a wonderful blend of old Italian architecture, and modern art gallery aesthetics.  The show runs for ten days, opening Friday, May 30 and running through Sunday, June 8.

Terrible photo thanks to Google street view

Terrible photo thanks to Google street view

I am currently working on two directions for the show, and should have several pieces ready to go by next week, thus deciding the direction for the rest of the work.  But don’t feel bad for the project that does not go to Italy, for it will be the work on display for my 3 week show in Denver at the NEXT Gallery at the end of July.

(Yep, this is the part where I cry out for money) I am, like all artists always in need of funding for these projects, you would not believe how much shipping is.  So….I am putting together a Kickstarter campaign for this show, and will make an announcement when it goes live.

Weekend Adventures

Untitled:  Deer

Not really going to say a lot in words in this post, just photography.  I really needed to get back into the mountains and out of my house.  Luckily I live right up against some of the most beautiful mountains in the world (I think).  I didn’t go far, to the summit of Flagstaff overlooking the city of Boulder, a very short 4 mile hike with some nice images to take home, enjoy.









Blood & Soul

I apologize, because this post is months overdue, oops!

Vintage Equestrian

In October of last year (2013) I had the opportunity to travel to Lexington, Kentucky.  More specifically, to attend the races at Keenland race track.  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Keenland is a Thoroughbred Horse racing track, and one of the most beautiful in the world.  The track is located due East of Lexington proper, and the ground include much more than just the grand stands and a racing track.  Unfortunately I ran out of time before I could do a lot of exploring, maybe next time.

Although I spent all my time on the main circuit, I got to spent time with the one thing I wanted to, the horses.  If you don’t me, there is one thing you should know, and that is that I keep a lot to myself.  And something that I have kept a lid on almost all my life, is my love for horses.  I don’t know were it comes from, but there is something about this creature that has captured my soul.

Before Sunrise

I could talk about the power, strength or majesty of them, and I these are all things I love about hem.  However, for me there is something else that I see in them, I see an honesty or sincerity in them.  They say the the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and in the spirit of honesty, I have only connected to this philosophy with two or three people in my lifetime (I suspect this is because humans have been conditioned to bury their souls from others, but this is a topic for another day).  Every time I establish a connection through the eyes of horses, it truly affects me.  I feel a peace and calm within me.  We spend an enormous amount of time talking about judging (or not judging) people, and about a universal acceptance of ourselves and others.  I think the calm I feel is the realization of this very concept.  There are no preconceived ideas about our identity twords one another, I am me, and the  horse is who he/she is, there is no need for lying about our accomplishments or failures in life, and certainly politics and religion are not even known to them.  I am happy around them, and if nothing else, that makes spending time with them very special, and something to be grateful for.  This is where I stop before I end up writing  book no one wants to read, so on to the photographs.


I only had two days to spend at the track, so the issue of how to capture these athletes dominated my mind for weeks before I made the trip out.  Like I do a lot, I decided to wait until I arrived and then come up with something.  I arrived very early in the morning on the fist day at the track (like 7:00am) and joy of joy, the horses were out on the track doing their morning warm ups.  After talking to some one at the track, and finding out that the track is open to the public for the morning exercises, it became obvious to me that this was the direction I wanted to take.  I could spent time trying to photo the actually races (insanely difficult without a press pass, that just happens to be very difficult to obtain), or hang out in the parade area, where all the horses are before and after the races (this became an issue for me as well, as I’m not great in crowds).

Morning Warmups #2

The morning warmups offered the advantages of virtually no people (it was quite cold that early in the morning), and the opportunity for a bit more intimacy with the animals.  And this is exactly what I got, I even got the riders coming up to me asking if I was getting the shots I was looking for, it was one of the better photographing moments of my life.  My goal with these images was to try and capture some of what I see in these creatures, some of their soul.  And ultimately, I think by being there in the morning, the people and the horses were far more relaxed and I was able to capture an authenticity and find a truth in the nature of racing that I would have been unable to capture in any other setting.  These horses were breed to run, and watching them run not during a race, I noticed that they love to do just that, run.  Running is apart of them, a part of their souls, and I saw that in their eyes.


Below are a few more of the images I captured from the weekend, enjoy.






I don’t like the holiday’s

ok, so the title is a little misleading.  Although it is true that I am not a huge fan of the holiday season, this is just something I should have posted a while back, but didn’t, sorry.

This is an image I captured quite a while ago.  I entered it into a competition and it made it into the top 30 (not bad out of more then 1,200)


The thing that I love about this photography, is how simple the set up was.  Some black sheets, an black chair, and two really inexpensive lights from the hardware store.  All done in my living room.  I love the high contrast, and the movement created by the model.