A Long, Long Time Ago


This post is for my thoughts and reflections and nothing more.
The NEW format for this blog will begin with my next post.


A long, long time ago I used to write a blog.  It was originally going to be dedicated to photography, then it became personal, and then about I’m not sure what, and the last post was nearly one year ago.  A lot has happened in that time, I put on my latest Art show in Denver featuring all new work primarily consisting of wildlife and Nature photographs contrasted by urban environments (it is the show I am most satisfied with to date, and Im happy to say that some of the art did not end up back in my house!).  I got a day job working as a classic Porsche mechanic, and traveling (a lot), that probably has something to do with me not working as a mechanic anymore.  I got Married to my best friend and better half of the last ten years, in Maui, Hawaii (one of my favorite places on Earth – so far), and planning even more travel.

With my day job ending, I was faced with what seemed like an endless number of options for me to consider, do I go back to school?  Do I continue to pursue a future with cars?  Do I make my photography my full time gig?  I have spent a great deal of time with these questions, and receiving plenty of advice from friends and family.  I am still unsure what the future holds, all I do know is that I will use this time to invest in my passion for photography, travel, art and writing.

That brings me to what will be the new content format of this blog.  First a new name is in order.  Second, the content of the posts will act as a journal as I explore light (that is code for photography), the places and people that inhabit our magnificent world and the adventures of life.

Now I am faced with major writers block, and as I HATE when people end stuff with inspirational quotes, I will leave with a fundamental principal of physics instead!

In a system where no external forces are present, every action force is always opposed by an equal and opposite reaction force.

Italy: Part Two: Opening Night: The Gallery

In a word, opening night was a dream!

But let me reflect on it coming together.  Earlier, if you remember (or if you missed my last post) the show was not in such a blissful state.  Eventually customs was worked out and in just two days we managed to get the art on a plane from Rome to the Catania airpot in Sicily.  This is where our story continues.

Coincidentally my mother was to arive on opening day, this being a Friday.  And in keeping with Alitalia airlines tradition, they forgot to put her lugage on the plane, but as luck would have it her bags would end up on the same plane as the art!  After hanging out at cargo pickup for some time, which by the way looked like something straight out of a mob film including some guy hanging out in a beautifully tailored suit, very dark sunglasses and smoking a cigarette, the art arrived on the platform.  At this time we had three people, my mothers luggage and all the art to fit into the car (a Fiat Multipla for those of you who are interested), suddenly all those years of getting yelled at to stop playing Tetris paid off!  There was now about one-and-a-half hours until opening, this could only mean one thing, it was time to drive like an Italian, and luckily we had one on board, she decided that 160 km/hr was appropriate, that it 99.42 mi/hr, or in American math, 100 mi/hr.

She's a looker!

She’s a looker!

and in a 2002 Fiat Multipla with three abreast seating and  literally ever square inch taken up in the car is in the best of terms, unnerving…..

We did arrived, unpacked and hung the work in less then  30 minuets, and my poor mother, who had been traveling for so long, now had no time to take a nap, however we did have time to clean up and change and get back to the gallery.

Back at the gallery all the stress and pain faded away.  It was packed, the gallery looked great and no one the wiser to the state of the show just 40 min. earlier.  Speaking of the gallery, it is called Spazio 30 (Spazio Trenta) and it is quite simply a breathtaking space.  It is not a huge modern space like some galleries stateside.  But rather a blend of modern minimalism, with straight clean lines and tasteful lighting, contrasted with classical arches in stone that were cold and rough on your finger tips, and large slate tiles on the floor which added weight to the lofty high ceiling.  I will never forget this space, I loved it!


But this whole trip is about art, so what about the work?  Well, I am happy to say that it was very well received.  It is always so gratifying to have people enjoy your art, and so much better when they express it in Italian.  In the United States, you might hear “Your work is nice”, or “Beautiful”, or “very nice”, all are fine, and I accept them with great gratitude.  But in Italy to have people who want to meet you, and greet you with “Molti Complimenti” and “Bello”, it is wonderful (and sure, I know that a lot of this has to do with the romanticism of the language).  But what happened next, is something that I will never forget and something that I wish we did over here in the U.S.  A lovely and brilliant man, Salvo, gathered everyone in the front room of the gallery and gave , what I imagine, because it was all in Italian, was a colorful and quite theatrical presentation of the work, the inspiration behind the work and the artists.  IMG_1434It is something I wish we did here, and something everyone was really into, they seemed genuinely interested and engaged.  Apparently this is standard operating procedure for gallery openings in Italy, and I love it, I think it creates a connection between the artist, their work and people who are there to view it.  Eventually, about 9:30pm, everyone needed dinner, so off we went.


And on that note, I am getting hungry, so off I go!


Italy : Part one : Travels : Drama

Well, that didn’t according to plan.  The idea was to spend my time in Italy writing and updating the blog, guess what didn’t happen…..So the plan is to write a few post that will be up in the next several days, and it would stand to reason that I start at the beginning.


I left early in the morning on the 27th of May, with a flight from Denver to Washington D.C. then on the Rome and finally to Catania on Sicily, where I would pick up a car and make the drive into Ortigia.  The good news is that things did happen in that order, the bad news began in D.C.  We were 3 hours late getting into the air, so naturally I missed my connection to Sicily.  after being forced to buy a new ticket (thanks Alitalia) I had 20 min. to make the flight, but I did and made it to Sicily.  I picked up a car, A little black Fiat Panda with 6km on the clock, and off I went.  Now I have been to Italy several times, but always relied on public transport, so this would be my first experience driving fist hand in the country some refer to as “God’s Racetrack”, and I was to do it in a little 1.3 liter Fiat.  But it was marvelous, it took second for me to realize that I was born to drive like an Italian, the biggest problem was the car, it just didn’t have enough power, but I digress.  I ended up finding my way through the city of Syracuse, buy blind luck, and was quickly in Ortigia (the old part of town).  I found a parking spot and made my way to the flat where I would be string the duration of my stay.  I was desperate for a shower, so I took one, and then headed to the gallery.


This is where things begin to go down hill rather quickly.  And to start things off, there was no art, neither my work or that of the featured artist, Catherine Carilli, was at the gallery and to make it worse we didn’t know where it was.  We found that it was being held in Rome for customs reasons that I could write and entire post on, but I will spare you the pain.  The next two day were spent getting the work out of Rome and to the airport in Catania where I could pick it up, basically a lot of paperwork.  But success, and I was able to pick up the work on Friday, and roughly around the same time that my mother arrived.  A 160km/hr drive back down to the gallery, a bit of illegal parking, and I’m not exaggerating, less than 30 min. to hang the the show before the opening reception.  But we pulled it off, and my fist international exhibition was under way.


Weekend Adventures

Untitled:  Deer

Not really going to say a lot in words in this post, just photography.  I really needed to get back into the mountains and out of my house.  Luckily I live right up against some of the most beautiful mountains in the world (I think).  I didn’t go far, to the summit of Flagstaff overlooking the city of Boulder, a very short 4 mile hike with some nice images to take home, enjoy.









Holiday style

Well, it seems to that time of year again.  Go out and find the beauty all around us.  I took this at West End Salon (Boulder, Co), I love the colors and that it one of those things that is all around us that we sometimes don’t notice.