A Long, Long Time Ago


This post is for my thoughts and reflections and nothing more.
The NEW format for this blog will begin with my next post.


A long, long time ago I used to write a blog.  It was originally going to be dedicated to photography, then it became personal, and then about I’m not sure what, and the last post was nearly one year ago.  A lot has happened in that time, I put on my latest Art show in Denver featuring all new work primarily consisting of wildlife and Nature photographs contrasted by urban environments (it is the show I am most satisfied with to date, and Im happy to say that some of the art did not end up back in my house!).  I got a day job working as a classic Porsche mechanic, and traveling (a lot), that probably has something to do with me not working as a mechanic anymore.  I got Married to my best friend and better half of the last ten years, in Maui, Hawaii (one of my favorite places on Earth – so far), and planning even more travel.

With my day job ending, I was faced with what seemed like an endless number of options for me to consider, do I go back to school?  Do I continue to pursue a future with cars?  Do I make my photography my full time gig?  I have spent a great deal of time with these questions, and receiving plenty of advice from friends and family.  I am still unsure what the future holds, all I do know is that I will use this time to invest in my passion for photography, travel, art and writing.

That brings me to what will be the new content format of this blog.  First a new name is in order.  Second, the content of the posts will act as a journal as I explore light (that is code for photography), the places and people that inhabit our magnificent world and the adventures of life.

Now I am faced with major writers block, and as I HATE when people end stuff with inspirational quotes, I will leave with a fundamental principal of physics instead!

In a system where no external forces are present, every action force is always opposed by an equal and opposite reaction force.

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