Italy : Part one : Travels : Drama

Well, that didn’t according to plan.  The idea was to spend my time in Italy writing and updating the blog, guess what didn’t happen…..So the plan is to write a few post that will be up in the next several days, and it would stand to reason that I start at the beginning.


I left early in the morning on the 27th of May, with a flight from Denver to Washington D.C. then on the Rome and finally to Catania on Sicily, where I would pick up a car and make the drive into Ortigia.  The good news is that things did happen in that order, the bad news began in D.C.  We were 3 hours late getting into the air, so naturally I missed my connection to Sicily.  after being forced to buy a new ticket (thanks Alitalia) I had 20 min. to make the flight, but I did and made it to Sicily.  I picked up a car, A little black Fiat Panda with 6km on the clock, and off I went.  Now I have been to Italy several times, but always relied on public transport, so this would be my first experience driving fist hand in the country some refer to as “God’s Racetrack”, and I was to do it in a little 1.3 liter Fiat.  But it was marvelous, it took second for me to realize that I was born to drive like an Italian, the biggest problem was the car, it just didn’t have enough power, but I digress.  I ended up finding my way through the city of Syracuse, buy blind luck, and was quickly in Ortigia (the old part of town).  I found a parking spot and made my way to the flat where I would be string the duration of my stay.  I was desperate for a shower, so I took one, and then headed to the gallery.


This is where things begin to go down hill rather quickly.  And to start things off, there was no art, neither my work or that of the featured artist, Catherine Carilli, was at the gallery and to make it worse we didn’t know where it was.  We found that it was being held in Rome for customs reasons that I could write and entire post on, but I will spare you the pain.  The next two day were spent getting the work out of Rome and to the airport in Catania where I could pick it up, basically a lot of paperwork.  But success, and I was able to pick up the work on Friday, and roughly around the same time that my mother arrived.  A 160km/hr drive back down to the gallery, a bit of illegal parking, and I’m not exaggerating, less than 30 min. to hang the the show before the opening reception.  But we pulled it off, and my fist international exhibition was under way.


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