Italy Update

The exhibition in Sicily is fast approaching, and there is good news!  Everything is actually (I said with a semi surprised tone) coming together very nicely.

The prints are amazing.  I choose to use a professional printing (Photo Craft in Boulder, CO) service to produce all my Fine Art prints, and for several good reasons.  The first is that they have a Lightjet printer, and there is no way I could afford such a tool (or find a place to set it up).  The second is that is their profession, they print stuff, and they have an entire division dedicated to fine art photographers, so they understand our…….quirks.  Fact, I have used other printing companies, and I have never had a photograph printed this well, everything about it is superior, I am one happy camper!

And the good news continues.  The framing is nearly complete, only the backing and hanging kits remain.  It is difficult to describe how a simple mat and frame can transform the photograph, but it really does and I am so happy I made the right choices for this show, they look great.

Next is getting everything to the shipping company to be crated and sent to Italy…..then comes customs….


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