My home away from home [Seattle]


I suppose I should address the extended absence of posts. It goes something like this, I recently got back from a trip to Seattle, and apparently I am too lazy to update this blog when I am away from home (definitely something I need to work on).  And when I returned home, then was much work to do for the Italy show and thousands of images to sort through.  Better late then never, here is a a quick summary of my trip.

Day 1: The sun was out so I grabbed the camera and disappeared.  And then, to no ones surprise, it began to rain, so I exchanged the great outdoors for the great, and more importantly dry, indoors. At this point I found it necessary to watch “Frasier” and make dinner.

_MG_9448-2 _MG_9576-2 _MG_9605-2


Day 2:  The City!  I am very picky about my big cities. I like Denver (but only as a friend), I’m too terrified of huge cities like New York, hate Paris (except for like 10 blocks, and yes I know I just lost another Facebook friend for this), love Florence (yep, thats in Italy!), and LOVE Seattle.


I love that the city is by the water, I love that it is built top of the old Seattle that failed catastrophically after an earthquake, I love the people, I love that some people have to take a ferry to get to work, I love the buildings, and the restaurants, I love the Space Needle, I even love…well…like, the weather. And more than anything, I love that this place inspires me. I feel excited, rejuvenated, and driven to create. I’m like the kid from “A Christmas Story” when he got his BB gun. (For photographers only: It is like rediscovering the magic of photography again, re-falling in love with the craft of still image making).

_MG_9778-2 _MG_9866-2 _MG_9898-2 _MG_9747-2 _MG_9941-2

It did rain all day, but that didn’t stop the photography!  City photography is new(ish) for me, but I must say that I greatly enjoyed myself.

Day 3:  Surprise! it was raining, so basically I did nothing…..I think I took the dogs for a walk.

Day 4:  500MM Bliss!  I picked up the GF from the airport and headed into Seattle for lunch, to pick up fish at the market for dinner, and then she decided we needed to go shopping, And the sun was out!  and to cap off an awesome day, I stopped by one of my favorite camera shops in the country Glazers Camera, and picked up what has to be one of the greatest lenses ever made, the Canon 500mm f/4L IS USm II.

the dream team

left to right: 300mm f/4 L IS USM | 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM | 500mm f/4 L IS II USM

Day 5: The Wild. _MG_0793This day was one of the primary reasons for my trip to the Northwest. In keeping within the tradition of wildlife photography, I was up at 4am, showered, and on the move. And joy of joy, no rain! Many hours and many, many photographs later (so many that I ran out of memory) it began to rain, so I called it a day and headed back to base. I spent the day with the 500mm, and boy did it make an impression. I have used many fine lenses, but nothing quite like this. It was so sharp, the AF so fast and so accurate, and the IS system so effective, there is no questioning its $11,000 price tag in my mind. Using this lens is on of the highlights of my young career as a photographer. (I must also say, that it is so nice to have that amount of reach with a lens, it is so nice not struggling to get closer to an animal, only to have them move away from you.)

_MG_9709 _MG_0135 _MG_0617 _MG_9893

Day 6: I returned the 500mm……sad.  But the day quickly improved, I discovered a part of the city I never knew about (North Admiral and Alki Beach area) and decided this is a place I want to live at some point.  Finished the day with happy hour overlooking the city.

Day 7:  Back to Colorado….if only it was that simple.  My flight was delayed, so I picked up a couple of magazines, and grabbed a beer (….or 2….or 3).  finally got home, late and began the post travel equipment inspection (and prying nothing got damaged by the airpot monkeys).  Thanks to my beloved Pelican cases everything arrived safe and secure. Dinner, and then sleep.


Dear Seattle,

I will return!

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