Step 7

Good news! the Kickstarter campaign was a success! Thank you to everyone that contributed, this show could not happen without you!

So whats next?  well, I have the proofs for the show and am poring over them and making many notes.  The final prints will be made in the next week, and frames are getting sorted.

Tangent!  I am producing a show book.  This will include all the images from the show accompanied by my thoughts on each piece, as well as some general words about the show, my work, the process and a personal reflection on the experience.  (I like to produce something like this in order to document all my shows)(if your interested in a digital, or large hardback copy please contact me)

Now its time to do some marketing – make some flyers/posters and send out invitations.

Photos will return to this [photography]blog in the next post, I promise!

And if Italy is too far away, I will be having a show in Denver later this summer….

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