Sicily & Art pt. II [Kickstarter]

"Into the Earth" 24"x36" || "The Leaf" 24"x36"

“Into the Earth” 24″x36″ || “The Leaf” 24″x36″

The show in Italy is getting closer and closer every day, and the excitement, stress and workload goes up and up! But these are all great things.  I think I love working on big projects with deadlines that are way too tight.

So, where am I at?

Well, most of the pieces have been chosen for the show, and come from all over the place, from Hawaii to Washington state to Colorado to Kentucky.  I have also been hard at work on the layout of the gallery and where everything will be displayed, and how it will be presented.  So a lot of work!

The best news is I am working with a new printer!  They do amazing work, using the best printing available, they will also be helping with all the finishing of the work.  All the photographs will be printed using the legendary Lighjet printer, and all the pieces will be matted and framed for a classical yet contemporary look (fitting considering photography is a contemporary medium!).  I love to print BIG, so expect more of that for this show!

Now comes the cry for help, I have a Kickstarter project up, and would be eternally grateful for anything you can donate.  The reality is that putting on a show internationally for a young artist is crazy expensive, and every dollar goes a long way!  Ok, I’m done begging…..for now, thanks for hanging in there.

More to come!!

"Abyss #1" 24"x36" || "Abyss #2" 24"x36"

“Abyss #1″ 24″x36” || “Abyss #2″ 24″x36”

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